Running to Safe Arms


Being the littlest guy in the family, my two-year-old feels the need to fight for his toys and stand up for himself. He walks around our home like a tough guy, blurting out phrases like “I don’t want to” and “that’s mine.” But as soon as he hears thunder or a revving motorcycle engine, his tough guy image vanishes. He recoils and runs to my arms. read more

How to Cultivate a Child’s Interests

child exploring

Surrounded by over a dozen education books, I sat on the floor with a notebook and pen. I went from book to book – scanning and searching, reading and taking notes. My goal was to find out what my children should know at their grade levels.

After hours and hours of reading and pages and pages of note taking, I felt like each book had turned into quicksand, and I was rapidly sinking. read more

Drawing Our children Closer


Most parents want a close relationship with their children and some will try anything to gain it – control, manipulation, lies, deception. But these things only push children away from their parents. read more

Personalized Notebooks: Parent & Child Activity

personalized notebooks

I love back-to-school shopping! No kidding, I really like it – especially shopping for stationery items. It’s better than shopping for clothes and the second best thing to shopping for food. And sometimes I get carried away, buying way more than I need. This year, I got carried away with buying notebooks. read more

Parenting with a Peaceful Mind

you may have peace

This Week’s Parent Job Power Devotional

How can anyone parent with a peaceful mind when there is so much trouble in the world? How can we look into our children’s innocent eyes and not worry about their future and well-being? read more

10 Quotes to Keep Kids Motivated This School Year


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  –Nelson Mandela

read more

God Loves Us

God is love

It’s always refreshing to be reminded of God’s love and mercy. read more

How to Create Free School Lessons for Kids

library materials 2013-2014

All the library lovers please stand up. (Okay, I’m standing.) I absolutely, positively love the public library, and it’s official: I’m a bona fide public library nerd. I didn’t even know until my son caught me on the computer entering my library card number while my card sat far away in my purse. In total shock, he said “You know your library card number by heart?!” Then his facial expression went from total shock to Mom is totally a public library nerd. read more

Meet Richelle C. Wilson

Richelle C Wilson Number of Children: 2
Ages of Children: 17 & 12
Occupation: Medical Assistant
Age: 41
Location: Marrero, LA

What do you like most about being a parent?

Being a parent is truly a blessing. My mother and father would always say, “Wait till you have your own.” And I can truly say it is a true gift from the Most High to nourish and love such wonderful young men. read more

Thank You, God, for My Children

my gifts
This Week’s Parent Job Power Devotional

Say Cheese! Over the weekend, my husband and I snapped some photos of our children. When I finally got a chance to scroll through the images, my heart overflowed with thanksgiving. How grateful am I for God allowing me to parent such precious gifts! read more