Meet Jennifer Oliver Shelton

Jennifer Oliver SheltonNumber of Children: 3
Ages of Children: Lydia Grace (5), Eli (2), Caleb (1)
Occupation: Former teacher turned Stay-at-home Mom
Age: 30
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

What do you like most about being a parent?

There are so many beautiful gifts that parenthood brings. If I had to pick just one, it would simply be spending time with my kids. Our time together is what I enjoy most.

Who or what has had the greatest impact on you as a parent? How?

My mother has had the greatest impact on my parenting. She strived to raise my sister and me to become–as she put it–”Godly women of character.” That’s a legacy I have tried to carry on with my own children.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? Or, what’s one bit of parenting advice you have for us?

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Appreciating the Beauty of Our Surroundings


beauty surrounds us

This Week’s Parent Job Power Devotional

This past Saturday, my family and I strolled through the park. We walked on a trail that ran alongside a narrow river. The scenery was beautiful – tall grass, colorful flowers, children laughing while running on the playground, and ducks floating atop the river’s green algae.

I lagged about a yard behind the rest of the pack as I held the hand of my 2-year-old. His legs were moving, trying to keep up with everyone else. But read more

Confession: I Spoiled My Babies


I confess, I spoiled my babies. Every single one of them. Spoiled rotten to the core.

When my children were babies, I would hold them for hours – while watching TV, reading a book, talking on the phone, or doing absolutely nothing at all. And it wasn’t only to comfort them during an earsplitting, arm-flailing cry. Most times they were read more

Meet Sherri Singley

Sherri SingleyNumber of Children: 2
Ages of Children: 12, 4
Occupation: Stay-at -home mom & part-time preschool Bible teacher
Age: 34
Location: New Jersey

What do you like most about being a parent?

The unconditional love of my children, and the ability to see them grow and learn.

Who or what has had the greatest impact on you as a parent? How?

My relationship with Jesus has definitely made the greatest impact on me as a parent. Jesus has given us the best example on how to be a loving and forgiving parent. I strive to be that type of parent to my children. Once I began a relationship with the Lord I was able to recognize how important it is to apply the principles of the Bible to my life as a parent.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? Or, what’s one bit of parenting advice you have for us?

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Praying for Those in Mourning


The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash and the Gaza-Israel crisis are major stories currently flooding news outlets.

As we go through this week, we’ll hear more and more about these tragic events.  When we turn on our TVs, computers, or radios, we’ll be met by these stories. And hearing about these stories again and again may be overwhelming. However, read more

Magazine Bracelet: Parent & Daughter Activity

magazine bracelet1

If you’ve got some old magazines, then you’ve got yourself an activity! read more

Who’s the Perfect Parent?


This past weekend, I listened to a father tell his story of how drug and alcohol addiction kept him from being the parent he had hoped to be. He wanted so badly to change his life and restore his relationship with Christ and his relationship with his children. So he tried surrounding himself with other Christian parents. But most of them condemned him for abandoning his children, made him feel inferior – like they were better – and wanted him to read more

5 Almost-Outdated Things I Want My Kids to Use

almost outdated

“Mom, how do you spell—?”

Before my 8-year-old could complete his question, I said, “Go look in the dictionary.”

He wondered why I told him to look in the dictionary when a huge computer system was within arm’s reach. read more

Sharing God’s Word with Our Children

Sharing Bible
This Week’s Parent Job Power Devotional

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my parents welcomed a homeless family into our home. This family, which consisted of eight small children, were forced to evacuate their home because of damage caused by storm flooding.

It was interesting to watch two sets of parents try to keep a total of eleven rambunctious kids calm. Many days my dad would gather all of the children and have us sit in a circle with our legs folded. Then he’d pull out his big, black read more

4th of July Party Masks: Parent & Child Activity

4th of July Party MasksGo ahead, pull out your craft supplies! You’ve only got less than a day if you haven’t already done a 4th of July activity with your kids. This year, I’m a bit late. But that’s not a problem because our activity only took about 30 minutes to complete. And if you’re in my shoes – doing a last minute activity, consider making 4th of July masks. They’re read more