Perfect Peace

green power devotional

Perfect peace: Imagine that. With lively children, major responsibilities, and a million thoughts crowding your mind at once, peace is hard to imagine, let alone perfect peace. read more

Meet Scott Harpole

Sweet GiaNumber of Children: 4
Ages of Children: 25, 23, 14 &13 (plus a 2 yr old granddaughter!)
Occupation: Children’s Storyteller: My Dad’s Bedtime Stories
Age: 49
Location: Terre Haute, IN

How has parenting changed you?

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Meet Latonya

LatonyaNumber of Children: 2
Occupation: Jewelry Designer, Blogger
Age: 32

Using only six words, describe your parenting style.

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Strait Gate Parenting (Devotional)

strait gateWith every generation comes new parenting styles, more parenting “experts,” and more “proven” techniques. Large groups of parents jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, trying to find read more

11 Parenting Quotes to Make You Laugh

LOLBecause parenting can make your muscles tense and your children can get under your skin like no one else can, here are some funny quotes to brighten your day. Go ahead, laugh out loud like nobody’s watching! read more

I’ll Keep Saying “I Love You”


happy Valentine's Day

Oh no! I think my son has hit the “I’m getting too old to say ‘I love you’” stage. His once strong “I LOVE YOU, Mom” has turned weak and muffled. It reminds me of when my big brother read more

When Parents Need Approval (Devotional)

approval addiction

Wanting approval is human nature. Everybody likes a good “pat on the back.” But are we living in the age of approval addiction? read more

What’s My Job as a Parent?

What's my job as a parent

From as far back as I can remember, I had an interest in becoming a parent someday. Maybe it came from my desire to be just like my mother. Maybe it was innate. Or maybe this interest was a result of playing with dolls. After all, I was pretty good at caring for my dolls: read more

What Dr. King Would Tell My Kids If He Were Alive Today

Martin Luther King Escorting ChildrenNever stop learning.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –MLK

There’s no time for being “bored,” go create something!

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Laugh Out Loud: A Tribute to My Grandmother

Tribute to Grandma

My grandma had the most infectious laugh – it was loud, unashamed, and certainly unapologetic. And it didn’t conform to her surroundings or adapt to an occasion. From high-class events to the living room of her Southern, shotgun-style home, her laugh remained the same. It was her signature. She definitely knew how to Laugh Out Loud. read more