Keep Calm and Bite Your Tongue

keep calmIn the heat of a child’s tantrum or act of disobedience, not-so-good thoughts can quickly make their way from a parent’s mind all the way down to the tip of the tongue. (Trust me, I know.) Sometimes it’s hard to keep those thoughts from rolling off the tongue and turning into spoken words. read more

Have a Peaceful Week


When our minds are saturated with thoughts of God’s unfailing love, it puts us in a state of perfect peace. Let’s have a peaceful week – rejecting negative thoughts while keeping our minds stayed on Him. read more

The Weapon Every Child Needs

Reading the bible

When we teach Bible verses to our children and help them develop an interest for studying the Bible, we put weapons into their spiritual arsenal. These Scriptures can help them combat peer pressure, negative emotions, etc. and read more

Toy Sword

toy swordMy girl has her pasta bows, so I had to think of a craft project to do with my boys. Can’t leave my little men feeling left out. read more

5 Great Father’s Day Quotes

Father's Day


1. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me. -Jim Valvano

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